Why everyone should have a Kalatu Blog

red type kalatu themeKalatu was good for business:

This is just for any individual who is burnt out on not making a decent living and needs to maintain their own business. Go along with me with a Kalatu style blog and you will succeed. I began searching for a blogging stage that removes every one of the cerebral pains from sorting and discovering wordpress modules. At first I didn’t have much in the way of fortune and attempted to bring home the bacon. I spent such a large number of hours scouring the web and taking a gander at numerous home business. In the past 2013 I found Kalatu Premium, a community based blog system that is easy to use and fun. This is the point at which I heard that there was a product called the Inner circle that everybody in my new group was discussing. They propelled and motivated me, saying I can make my future what I need it to be.

Something I have come to learn, is that in the event that you need to work for yourself, you have to figure out how to listen as well as make a move. It’s horrible simply sitting at home supposing I will do that later or in a moment. Those minutes you lost in speculation you will never get back. Why not utilize them all the more gainfully and place them into your business. Everything I did was slowly coming together and in just 15 minutes and some straightforward strides, I had the beginnings of my business set up. I had acquired my initial two packages to ensure my business will get a flying start.

Learning from Kalatu & The Inner Circle:

From Kalatu and the Inner Circle, I figured out how to instruct my self and start preparing my psyche. They say that mind, body and sole are equally important if you want to succeed. It isn’t difficult to create, fabricate and advertise my business. This is wonderful I thought, I was becoming so extremely astonished and enlightened while doing it. I enjoyed receiving a great deal more happiness out of this than I did in my exhausting retail/warehousing occupations. I never needed my own particular products to begin and could make blog entries in only 10min. Who would have thought after getting started that I would be adding new awesome products / posts to my business.

When I woke up one day I chose to settle on a choice to add the Inner Circle to my product gathering. I was just curious and thought I would just try it. I wasn’t prepared to be blown away. The Inner Circle was full of inspirational audios, many from live events. If you already have this product, then you already know the importance of this in your business. It furnishes me with ideas, tips, motivation, inspiration. I get the opportunity to hear and meet genuine individuals simply like me who are making an immense achievement on the web. If you are looking for some motivation, I would suggest using YouTube. It is a wonderful way to get started and the best bit is that it’s free.

Presently my blog mousiesblog.com has more than 160 posts and developing quick. I even have another blog (guidetoblogging.online) that has about 40 post but also creates subscribers on autopilot. (average is about 4/5 a day). This is a great leeds system and you could be a part of it too. In the event that you need to you can join a similar way I did and kick it into high gear generally as I short cut you to success.

What was Kalatu about:

Kalatu is a word that means to tell a story. It is a custom version of a wordpress blog that is owned by the empower network. This style of wordpress blogging platform cuts out the need to add plugins. It is mainly used to promote high converting Empower network products and the user’s own affiliate links.

Here is a video from a successful entrepreneur John Ochs. It explains Kalatu in more detail and will show you the way to own your own profitable Kalatu blog platform. It has seo and affiliate links already integrated, to help you get a head start in building your business online.


Benefits and features of the old Kalatu platform:

One of the greatest centers of the Kalatu advancement group was to make the simplest to utilize world-class blogging stage accessible. Since Kalatu is fueled by WordPress, it has all the effective usefulness that star bloggers seek, yet key interface improvements have made it considerably quicker to understand and use, particularly for learner bloggers.

One upgrades is the super simple setup process. The setup wizard strolls you through every progression to guarantee you have everything set up appropriately. You can look over and try out a number of features and themes, then further modify your settings to suit your needs more easily. Kalatu easily integrates your social media including pinterest, youtube, twitter and more. Whether you’re a engineer expert, a computer system advertiser, or making a site to advance your passion, you’ll discover this stage has the “snap-in” outline for you.

You can truly have an expert website/blog live and prepared for your blog entries in only a couple of minutes. What’s more, you can simply keep on tweaking your plan as you go, or as your needs change, with no stress of “breaking” your site. Did you know that you even get your own sponsor included in this system?

Regardless of what industry you’re in you can discover a Kalatu blog will be effortlessly easy to use and important to your business and brand. Likewise, on the grounds that it’s WordPress, you can set up your Kalatu Brand Station to be a full site with as many pages as you wish. You’ll be overwhelmed with the entire adaptability of this easy to utilize platform.

Kalatu had ranking and conversion:

Every step has been taken to ensure, Kalatu is properly organised and optimised for search engines. With powerful tested plugins and features including seo, you can get your content ranked faster and higher with Kalatu. As you get set up with your own Kalatu, you can chose to use one of a few built-in domains, or your own custom domain (like I do). Whatever you decide, the power of the Kalatu blogging community, will help you power authority into your posts and pages automatically. As far as i can tell, no other blogging platform currently has this feature.

Leads are easily generated and convert into many sales with Kalatu. This blogging platform comes complete with easy to deploy list building widgets, to help customise subscription popups. Also you get super easy to use social media widgets. Now collecting leads and building your list just takes a few clicks of the button.

Kalatu’s hosting platform:

Kalatu was not at all like the constrained slow wordpress blogs. A Kalatu blog was facilitated on a scaled up server that conveys quick load times and really boundless transfer speed and capacity… for one low charge. In my testing, my $25/mo Kalatu blog that I got with a free 14 day trial. This platform had performed much better than another WordPress blogs. I have spent a lot of money upgrading bandwidth, trying to maintain and run other blogs on Brain Host, Blue Host, Hostgator and more. When you are on a low wage it is expensive to run other blogs, but kalatu showed me a cheaper moe devoted server facilitating bundle.

On the off chance that you are considering Kalatu I can tell you from my experience it was the best way to get an inexpensive blog set up quickly by a wide margin. But since Empower went bust, it meant Kalatu went down also in 2017. Many then switched to other hosting sites like Hostgator or Wealthy Affiliate that provide an even better service.

Kalatu is secure:

Kalatu was already equipped with security and made safe for you to use. Its severs a highly maintained to help prevent hacks to give you peace of mind. Many other styled wordpress blogs are prone to bot or user hacks as your traffic increases. If you’re not paying out lots of money to security sites then the likelihood is your self hosted blog will get hacked. This is also very true if you’re not a pro or a techy, that can manage plugins and configure advanced security settings. Kalatu cuts out the need to know or do any of these things.

Training with Kalatu:

Kalatu accompanies world-class preparing instructional exercises that walk you through each progression of setting up your fruitful blog. In the event that you have a test or issue with your blog you support or the active community members will help you out immediately. This is a major distinction from those setting up their own self-facilitated online blogs. Many other blogging platforms have positively little or no support. There are even many frequently uploaded Youtube videos with more Kalatu review and training.

Kalatu is good so why switch?

Kalatu was always my blog of choice and I rely learned a lot, but I wanted so much more. The company that ran Kalatu went bust and stopped working by beginning 2017. This though unfortunate, was not a bad thing for me. I had learned so much and had remembered to save my site. All I had to do was upload the file with another provider. In 2016 I finally switched over to a new word press provider called Wealthy Affiliate. At first I thought it was just a hosting / blog site with some support. I was partially right, but also quite wrong. WA is a community based WordPress blog site. They not only give you 24 hour fast help. You can get help from its community members live. I tested the support out by sending them a message and received a reply in like 2minutes. I couldn’t believe my problem was fixed that quick. While this is good, it is done by ticketing system so may vary. WA provides you with a vast supply of training tutorials that are easy to follow. They have a comment system for your blogs, that is great for increasing your rankings in search engines. There is no need to learn html or worry about ssl certificates. In WA you can have up to 10 WordPress styled blogs and many more sub domains.

Now I have discovered Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t think I will ever move my site. There is so much information, even testimonials and videos. I’m really enjoying my time with them. If you would like to learn more about WA, please visit my other site and post: A Review Of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wa free blog membership (banner)

I hope you found this article about Kalatu useful. Feel free to leave me a comment below and share this post with others. If you haven’t already got your own blogging platform set up, visit: My WA platform and join me online today. It comes with 30 day money back guarantee and a 7 day trial. So if you are sill unsure, you get to try premium for free and even meet and communicate with Kyle the founder of WA. Mousies blog welcomes new members and has a Facebook group at: Facebook.com/mousiesblog. I look forward to seeing you online.