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where can i buy a healthy eating cookbook?

If you are looking for a recipe and are not sure what sort, you can just try typing into google e.g chicken recipes, this is great to get ideas and is free. You can ask a family member or freind to borrow their book or find a book store. As there are not many book stores about these days, many people buy a magazine from their local supermarket like Sainsbury’s, Asda or Tesco. The best healthy tasty recipe books I find are on line. If you were to visit you can chose between hundreds of books, even downloadable ebooks and even read reviews about them. There are many other sites too like:, or even the popular /

I found one new book that has 40 clean pages with a couple of pics, it gave me 10 high protein breakfast style meals and even 17 yummy dinner meals I hadn’t thought of. These healthy eating meals are from some of the best in 2015 and does not include curries. After trying this book out over  the last week I found my self having saved so much and even managed to convince without trying, my family I had been to a restaurant and purchased the meal. It made me smile and I feel so much fitter as I didn’t have to change my exercise routine.  You can view it here if you like: Healthy & Balanced Tasty Meals They now have it in hard back, soft cover or as an ebook.

Looking for healthy eating recipes to lose weight?

We all know what it is like to be energetic and happy, to be able t do what we love. Not everyone realises your bodies change a lot as you get older, also as a result of what we put into our bodies. One day your body may say enough is enough and prevent you doing what you want. We all need a certain amount of exercise to help us keep fit and burn off calories, we do however forget that half the battle is won by eating healthier. It is nice to have a takeaway now and again but have you weighed up some common pros and cons?

Takeaways Good   Takeaways Bad
 Saves on washing up  Full of fat, high salt and grease
 Can order online, phone or on site  Leaves you bloated and lethargic
 Good friendly service provided with tasty meals  High expense
No need to spend time trying to read a cookbook or buy ingredients  Wait times can be long
 Great for socialising with more people  Nowhere to park or sit comfortably

Would you prefer to have more energy and money in your pocket?

I love takeaways as much as anybody, if i’m out it is so much easier to grab a bite to eat from a burger van, a Mcdonalds or even a chinese but this isn’t always a good idea. They leave you feeling full, but for how long depends on the contents. I bought a burger from a burger van and a few hours later I was hungry and had food burps. Next time I went to Burger King, but then I had to apologise to mum as I couldn’t eat dinner that evening. The amount of grease in my original burger was quite high, but the calories I had eaten from Burger King were even greater. There was no way I was going to burn all those calories off before my visit to mums for dinner. I even had gone out that day for a swim and a walk with friends but still felt full that night till bedtime. The next day I thought I would try something new, I said to my self I will find a healthy recipe from a cookbook and try it out. So I found a meal that didn’t take more than about 30min to make, had some ingredients I liked and wasn’t complicated to make. Suddenly I found this meal was digested a lot quicker and I could move more freely, I didn’t feel quite as tired as that takeaway I’d had previously. Also realising I had only spent £10 on food and saved £20 from my takeaway I was so much happier. I discovered, they probably invented takeaways more for tourists and people who have money to burn. Also if the shops are shut late at night, you can still get food. This is a nice treat if you only do it a couple times a month but all the time?

If you want to save money and be healthier all you need is ingredients and maybe a couple of recipes to get you inspired. Some healthy cookbooks give you easy to follow meals that take just 10-30minutes to make. All you have to do is follow them or adjust the ingredients and quantities to suit your needs. This ebook allowed me to do this and wasn’t to expensive with recipes like restaurant meals: Healthy & Balanced Tasty Meals Cookbook.

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