Google, Blogging Hacks That Can Increase Website Traffic & Ranking

Can people find you on google? You are probably ranking lower than most, don’t worry you can improve that.
  1. Combine Blog Content

    Do you have lots of very short post about the same subject? It doesn’t matter how good or bad your post is. If you mention the same point in 8 post and they are all less than e.g 300 words, it’s time to consider combining them. People will generally be more interested in reading your blog post if you have more content on it. It cuts out the need to search for 10 different pages or post just to find an answer to a question. Also google likes when you have higher quality content than a page will only 100 words and a few pictures.

    Google recomends that you have an average of 500 to 600 words in your blog posts, upto 1500 is ok to. Just make sure if you are going to add more than 1000 words that it is user friendly (easy for others to read). An example of how you can do this is by, breaking up text with a space when a point changes.

  2.  SEO Google Ranking

    You can use pictures or tables to explain the more difficult terms. If possible you should also make sure the pictures you upload are named what they are and not just pho3415. Google won’t know what your picture is of and people may not find it if google can’t index it correctly. People may just search for a picture but if it is yours they will also find your page because google will know it is from you and it will be in its code index.

    If you increase your content, word count, correct name on any photos then google will rank your site higher. Also if it is kept regularly up to date. When this happens it makes it easier for people to find your blog. It is true that it takes time to increase your views, but don’t despair. You will also gain more views the older your site becomes, providing you keep adding content. Google likes sites that are around for a long time and recognises when your domain name will expire. So make sure if you purchased a domain to renew it for 3 years plus if possible as this will help your ranking.

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