Travel Back in Time Find Your 3 Hearts

So here I am back in 1983 the year that saw the official beginning of the Internet and the first mobile cellular phone call. What a year to be born into. The world with little technology and simple people. The world was and still is full of dreams and inventions coming to light. The best bit of 1983 is that you didn’t need any technical skills. As you saw a problems your mind seem to easily come up with solutions. These days we need to be taught how to think before we can understand what and how to do something. We have been around for so long that our minds are filled with the do’s and don’ts of life and we have adapted to rely heavily on technology. This means is harder for us to go backwards and learn what our ancestors grew up with being able to do.

If I were born in a lab where scientists work then I would probably be a scientist. My mind would follow those around me and adapt to the scientist life. This is harder for someone born in another location. For example, take someone from a farm and place them in a pharmacy and they probably wouldn’t understand what they are meant to do.

When a child is born they find life easy. They see a ball and learn what it is and how to move it. We need to stop complicating things and take things from a child’s prospective. To do this we don’t need a time machine we just need a little direction. Help from others and a different point of view can help. If you asked a couple of young people, like children to solve something you found hard to solve you will see a different action taken that you may think you should have thought of. Don’t worry we all get this. A child’s mind is still young and not yet filled with all the things in life that we as adults go through. Their process is a little different to ours. As a result of a less cluttered mind, their focus has a tendency to be much greater and clearer than our own.

We need to identify the problem more accurately. To do this we must filter out all the junk we don’t need in our mind. In order to succeed we need room to process information and grow. If it is filled with unuseful resource we cannot progress. If we are only thinking with our heads we cannot succeed in reaching our goals. If we combine our mind with our heart we will be able to focus and keep on track to a better future. If we do not listen to our heart we will lose our way and not find the answer to what we really want.

Your 3 hearts are your keys

We have come a long way as humans and no matter what life has thrown at us we still keep on going. This is an answer that is built into the heart of our creation. The heart is our symbol of life. Each person has 3 hearts. The first heart is your care heart. It is how you look after yourself, you grow and learn to always be you. Do not forget your heart. The second is for others. It is how they interact with you. It is the heart of love. Love thy neighbour so they can feel and have love to. The third heart is the heart of the universe. It is known as the heart of sharing. With the sharing of your heart you create your own universe. This universe is connected to other people’s universes it is how you and others perceive things and change them. We are all connected to a bigger universe and together by sharing we can change it and make it better.

This is important, do not throw away any one of these 3 hearts. Without sharing we will lose the will to learn and ultimately our ability adapt to life around us. Without love we will be stuck in solitude and be unhappy. This will lead to the downfall of others if we never love we will never live and miss out on life. Do not lose your own heart. If you do you are saying you do not care. You give up and you will fail, thus your universe will implode. Keep your heart safe and show others you care.

Keeping these 3 hearts safe and believing in the inner you are your 3 keys to a better life. They are the keys to your success. Break these keys and risk losing that power. There are so many things I could tell you about the importance of having a heart, it is what makes us human. If I had to tell you all of the important aspects of the heart then you don’t understand your own. I will say this though, you need only listen to one thing. Listen to your heart and what it tells you.