The title Global Earth Hour Capital 2015 was awarded…

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The title Global Earth Hour Capital 2015 was awarded to the City of Seoul, South Korea! Congratulations!

The city’s approach to radically reducing emissions includes actions such as allocating a realistic budget for increasing the use of solar power by residents, reducing transport emissions through greener fuels, and building more bus lanes and car sharing programs. Read the article: Seoul serves as a role model for fast-growing cities in a rapidly developing East Asia, as well as for the rest of the world.

Congratulations also to the national winners of the #welovecities competition 2015! Puebla, Belo Horizonte, Monteria, Tshwane, Lahti, Gothenburg, Paris, Vancouver, Córdoba, Evanstone, Thane, Haytai, Jakarta, Petaling Jaja, Singapore and Seoul.

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