The Aquarium game was never related to bullfrog.

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The Aquarium game was never related to bullfrog. It was a japan style pc game for building an aquarium, managing it, fishing for sea life and even training and putting on a dolphin show. This game is great and I wish they did a better graphic second version. The game by sold out still sells a few today, though most pc run fast and are now 64 bit, this game still works even on windows 7, windows xp had a few problems and this game did cut out a few times on newer pc in the dolphin show but all other features works fine. It was originally played on 32 bit and windows 98 game so you can imagine the graphics a bit out of date, but I still loved it.

If I had the time and money to make something good and better I would bring something back such as that game I first played on my first pc. As I don’t have the knowledge to do so I will blog about it in the hope someone might. It was fun to not only learn management skills in this game, but also learn about temperature control and about the animals (mostly fish) and the places you could get them from. It was a game of lessons and adventure.

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