Shopping till I drop 2 good sites

Shopping till you drop so hard these days but why?

Many of us save up to shop and hope that when we get home we have everything we need. What if I made a list, would I still get what I need?
The truth is that I wrote a list of 10 items I needed and found at least 7 of those to be what I didn’t. They turned out to be what I wanted and thought I needed. When somethings half empty why buy another one. When I have food why fill the fridge till it’s bursting with things that are going to go out of date. Now I check sell by dates and what happens?
I buy less stuff from the shop because I spend so long looking. I then realize by doing this and taking more note of what i’m buying, I can walk further by carrying less. This is great, now I get home and my fingers aren’t sore and arms don’t feel like they are going to fall off. Still I find I forget what I went shopping for.

Now shopping online I find is easier but so full of temtation. there are tones of adverts every where. Ignoring this and looking for what I want I then discover it to be on more than one website. Do I order from the same site just because it looks nice and I know the name?

I like to order from different websites because they give me variety and not all my items are in one place. Ordering products from just one site because there cheap is great but what about the product quality?
Items may look the same but what about where there from and customer service? Now I check reviews and delivery times to make my decision as you can find out information that isn’t always written in your chosen website about the site and products.

  1. Fiverr

    I particularly find this site interesting. Just by taking a look I discovered that there are so many things and products that can make things easier for me. The products are cheap and many just a fiver hence the name. If you haven’t heard about this opportunity then take a look. It also gives you the opportunity to make your own posts and make some cash.

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  2. My Supermarket

    This is an awesome site for comparing your shopping basket and making savings online. It helped me see what sites have the items I need before i visit places like Asda and Sainsburys. One of my favorite sites and my deliveries come in a couple of days with a friendly driver. Comparing and saving on the go is also what I like about this site and it all starts at the click of a button. Check it out they even have Boots, Tesco, Aldi and more, so start saving and have yourself a hassle free shop today.

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Do you agree with the two popular sites I have chosen?
These sites are good for nearly all your shopping needs and there are many on the internet to choose from but should all sites be linked into a comparison site?Let me know your thoughts about this and shopping. Do you find it easy or have someone else do it for you?