Share a Great Video Ted Talks Smarts

This is about a video of a professional and funny guy names Will Stevens. When you want to sound or be smarter what do you do?

Watch this video and it will point put what you can already do but in a fun way.

Now put all the steps you have learned together. There you go, you are funny and smart. Many of us are clever even if we don’t know much. We can do so many things and learn as we grow. If you ever get tired of reading and something doesn’t make sense. Look it up, these days if you don’t ask you will never know and this video and more is great on the go. I am not a scientist or a guru, I’m an average human that loves to have an opinion and share it. I have never made a blog before or ran a marathon, why should I want to?

My aim is to be me and continue to do the things that I love. A survey showed lots of people have a high level of enthusiasm and low levels of self esteem. Using bigger or more complex words can make you seem smarter. Does that mean then you are smart?

You can not really categorise smart. Smart can be the way someone or something looks. Am I smart because this blog looks the way it does? Am I smart because I sound the way I do?

To be smart can mean to be clever, or not. It is simply in the eyes of the beholder. You have an opinion but only after making a decision. Are you smarter because you was able to read something and make your own decisions and thoughts about it? I would have to say yes. Clever people are human, we were born from a long line of over 100 million ancestors in different situations and locations. You see that number? This is clever, making something out of nothing. Isn’t nothing something? Our ancestors were able to adapt and grow and so do we. I took a video that I haven’t even seen before and decided to share it with you.

From just one thing, one fragment of something I am able to think. Able to make an opinion and talk about it. This can be viewed as being smart or having smarts. If I wasn’t smart what would I be. You might think I would be a tree or a woodpecker. Guess what even animals are smart. Have you looked at their coat and design. The tree is smart because of the way it looks and is clever because of the ability it has to grow. A tree is a living thing like us and we grow. We are all linked. We plant the tree, the tree grows, the woodpecker peaks the tree for its grub. Therefore the world is smart making us each in turn smart.

Guess what is behind smart? What makes smart? Take a brick, that brick is made usually by a clever person who has learned to be smart and make it. This brick turns into a building by adding more of the same. Is it the word learning that is behind being smart or something else? I believe you will find Art is behind everything. Life is art and behind smart is design. Without knowing how to design can we be smart?

The truth is we can never be without design as we were made from the building blocks of life many centuries ago. It is what makes us and is always there even if we cant see it. Take a look at yourself in a mirror. You are the result of design and therefore smart. You also decided to look in that mirror because you wanted to. You also decided what you were going to wear and how you will stand. We are all smart, don’t ever forget that.

If you would like somewhere to talk and show of your smarts I recommend this easy blog maker. Its fun and interesting and just when you thought you had nothing to say, You cant stop talking. See you on the inside if you like the idea.