My Favorite 2 Things About Facebook

Facebook ads:

Who doesn’t love facebook? Its an awesome place to get to know one another in a fun safe environment. Yes there are some ads that usually show up on the right hand side or above and below a game, but they are not so bad as some websites that plaster ads all over the place. Most of the ads on facebook are more relevant to you because of what you search for. They don’t know however if you have already bought something and not looking for that any more. This is why I like that you can tell it, no I don’t like it, it’s against my views or uninteresting. This helps face book help us identify things more specific to our needs. Facebook is always updating things and trying to make things run more smoothly for us. I hope they carry on. If we can choose the ads we want to see, every facebook will be even more unique to that user. All we have to do is log in and if we don’t want to see ads we wouldn’t have to. That be even better.

Facebook advertising:

This is a particularly useful tool, especially for business users. It allows you to make a post then advertise it to get even more views. You can choose to only get views or clicks to a website, even for people to convert by buying something though your ad. You even get tracking for the campaign you create, though many people use google tracking for this when the advertise elsewhere. I like that I can create an ad in a specific language or country. I can even specify a category, such as all people that like blogging or marketing or a company (if there advertising on facebook and have a page). My favorite thing is a little secret I will tell you. If you use this to advertise your facebook page to get likes, you could get likes on auto pilot after accumulating so many. Here’s an example, I made an ad and got 100 likes in just 3 days, now about 2 weeks later my page as over 250 views and likes. You see if your new page isn’t very popular and not advertised anywhere, people may not favor it so much compared with others. Adding lots of content and some pics and people start sticking around longer, so long as you update it. Once you have a certain amount of views it will help reassure people your page is worth looking at and coming back to. It only took me 5 minutes to make an ad with FB and it was active within an hour. I even got some views to my website because I linked it to my page and ad. I would definitely recommend anyone to look into it further, its great fun to see my ad update when I log in.