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Do you remember your dreams?

For many of us we forget the things that make us who we are and have become. If we could only turn back the clock, maybe we would see what we can be rather than what we might. The word might is an unconscious word for fail. It is us saying we might be a doctor or a childminder but then again I might not. Why would I want to base my hopes and dreams on might and might nots?

Being young and free life can be hard but we have so much to do and see with a little help we can do and be anything we want. If I wanted to dress up and be super man and do my shopping then I could. You would be smiling and having fun and so will the people you meet. You can brighten other peoples day just by stopping to say hello. Sure some people might think your weird, wouldn’t you if you ran into batman? My point is if you want to do something and don’t just go do it how will you ever be a better you.

Don’t wait for time to pass you by, be spontaneous and you will fly. We all have talents and skills, just look in the mirror and who do you see that wonderful person you have created. We are who we are, we are who we want to be. If you don’t want something get rid of it, if you don’t like it, then change it. Create your own destiny and join me making my own.


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