Can I Make A Website Without A Web Designer

If you need a website, why wait? You can make one in just 10 minutes without a designer.

Who needs a designer to make a website?

You don’t need a designer to design and make your website for you. Making a website is not rocket science. It doesn’t take a lot of skill and you don’t need to have much computer knowledge. In this day and age most of us can read and write, even if our spelling is bad. We know what a computer is and how to work the mouse. This knowledge is valuable and is half our battle to making our website. While there are benefits and advantages to having a professional design a website for us. There are some disadvantages. You have to be able to trust your chosen designer with the information you give them. You need to have lots of cash to get your site up and running. Your site is really there website and creation as it is made by them.

Making your own site can be timely, but it is more fun seeing your own site growing before your eyes. It is not as fun, when someone else does it for you and you have to wait along time to see it. What if it turned out to be wrong and you hated it? Making my own site means the world to me. It is mine and my creation. i am in control and can change my theme and settings if I want to. My write on my blog and it gives me other ideas it so easy to follow and I have never done it successfully before. If you want to you can try using the package I use. It is called Kalatu and I have completed the 21 day blogging challenge with it. Can you pass the challenge?

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21 day blogging challenge mission completed

How To Choose a Web Package For Your Website:

There are so many web packages out there, how do you decide which one is right for you?

You could just type: make a website into google, yahoo or other search providers. This will give you a list of top searches for making a website. The problem is there are so many, who can you trust? Who will you benefit from?

If you know what sort of website you want to create, then you probably know what features you want to include. Most web packages will allow you to add video, pictures and give you a selection of themed templates to help you get set up. This can be limited though. There are sites with 10-20 different themes and others with over 100. The problem is these sites usually charge a lot more for the service and features they provide.

You want a website package that is easy to understand and use. You don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it and then find it isn’t what you are looking for. Compare website packages, features and pricing. Make sure you know what you are paying for. Will it will suit your needs and what you want it for. If you own a shop, why not open an ecommerce style store online, you can even open a shop on ebay. If you are a professional and already have some content and pictures, why not use a pro/business web package. It will have more features and usually comes with some free add credits. Alternatively you can get a basic web package from around £5 a month these days. This gives you a smaller selection of templates to get you started and you can always upgrade later.

Most people starting out for the first time, start with a free trial. This way you can sample the features in the web package and see if its right for you. You can add your content and publish your site live at the click of a couple of buttons. Many give you free support, and have forums for more information and tips to help you.

Good Website Examples:

  1. Kalatu Blog System – This is great for beginners and the more advanced users. It is user friendly and you don’t need to know or use any html. It is excellent for blogging. It has some video tutorials and support. It is easy to integrate your own pictures, youtube videos and even provides you with blog post ideas if you get stuck. It is possible that you could use this system to make 5 – 6 figures a month.
  2. Create.Net – This is a web package that suits most peoples needs. Build stylish, modern layouts with our wide range of professionally designed templates.Free trial or chose a monthly package. Basic package is just £6 a month and includes 250MB Storage Space, 2GB Bandwidth An Account Manager, No Transaction Fees, 100 products can be added to your own online shop and more. You can even upgrade to super (£44 a month) for even more bandwidth and storage space and more features. Create net also can link to facebook and publishes your website to search engines like google, yahoo and bing, free when you choose to publish your website live. (Web examples available to view).
  3. Go Daddy  – This is a popular name, Godaddy is used not only for its website builder, but for its hosting, services, features, ability to add products to its own market place and the purchasing of domain names even if they are to be hosted else where. It is very safe and secure and you can choose what level of features you want. No technical skills are required. Has hundreds of designs and you can get a free domain and hosting. Economy basic website starts at just £1 then £4.99 when you renew. Business Package is £4.99 then £6.99 a month and so on. Godaddy is also very popular for those who prefer to use a different currency such as dollars. (Web examples available to view).

What every you decide to do, I wish you luck and hope you find what your looking for. Here’s to your success :). If you would like more information on creating a website please visit: How to Make / Create Your Own Website: The Beginner’s A-Z Guide to find out more.