Lessons I Learned From Trip To Cromer Beach

A beach more than just a holiday. A learning adventure.

Who would have thought that you could learn many things, just from going on holiday to the beach. Now i’m going to share some of what I learned with you. People say all you need is a well written book or a video to watch. Well that is not entirely correct. In order to learn we need a teacher, a real life person we can interact with.

One day my bf took me to a new place I had never seen before. I had never heard of Cromer beach before. I learned to follow the map and read signs to get there. I’m not a map reader but using the sat nav I was able to see many places along the way. This gave me direction that started off my Cromer adventure.

Cromer is a town and beach holiday place. It can be found on the most northern edge of Norfolk. Cromer is famous for its crabs, open beaches, unique old style traditional pier with shops on it. The pier has a theater on it and puts on special variety shows which are a lot of fun. As Cromer is famous for its crabs you also realize, Cromer is a rich place for its fishing heritage. They have many boats and some are usually parked on the beach.



Like most well known towns by the sea, Cromer has a lighthouse and a proud tradition of RNLI service. You can visit its own lifeboat house/museum. This is a very active boat house that could get a cool at any time. They even have a guest book where you can make a donation or leave comments.

Upon my arrival I noticed how much different the place was to most towns by the sea. There’s some great architecture and unique old town buildings in Cromer. Cromer has so much character and the people are very charismatic, I love it. If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend trying traditional fish and chips in the restaurant on the pier above the sea. It’s Yummy. Alternatively there are hotels and pubs along the coast and even a traditional tea room at over strand. The tea room is about an hours walk along the beach and overlooks the sea upon the cliff. The people are so nice and the food is worth the price. If you get too tired of the beach you can take a walk along the clifftop by the golf course and visit the lighthouse. There is even a bus route on the main road.

cromer fishing boat tractor

Just like most modern beaches you can go visit some local amenities. They are a lot of fun and you can win prises, ride the old helter skelter or race your toy boats in the little boating lake. One of the things I like to do though is walk on the beach and look for the small rock pools. They are great for finding little sea life or old crab/sea shells. Cromer beach is a community place. People come from all over and show off their art work on the beach. These are usually made from things found on the beach. One group of people had the great idea of cleaning up the beach making a hat rack style rubbish tree. This was interesting because there were things hanging on it you wouldn’t expect to find washed upon the beach. Another art design was made out of rocks in grey, black and white. It said Cromer and had a big picture of a seagull on it.

cromer beach crock cromer elephant rocks

People are so creative, I would never of thought about collecting things and making art on a beach. I’m so glad I went to visit Cromer, what a fun day I had and to my bf I say thank you. I hope to go visit it again soon.