Lesson I Learned From Trip To Acle Richardsons Boatyard

My third do it yourself holiday with friends involved learning to boat. A great way to travel without knowing how to drive a car. Travel up and down the Norfolk Broads all the way to Great Yarmouth, Norwich, Lowestoft and more.

Do you want to learn something new that is so easy a 12 year old could do it?

I leaned to plan a holiday with friends on the clear gem white and blue with a sliding canopy. One important thing was budgeting for holiday and making sure we either took food with us or had funds to get them when needed. Another thing we had to plan was how to get to Acle. We took the train as it was cheaper for 4 of us to travel together there and back with a return within the month ticket. Richardsons picked us all up from the station, which was nice of them.

Once we decided upon a main driver, we were shown how to get the boat going, how to drive and moor (park) the boat. They answered any questions we might have and within an hour we were off. Everyone drove the boat and we took a rowing dingy with us with a sail. This was fun though a little tricky to put up.

You can get some items including life jackets and a manual with everything you need to know about tide times and managing your boat. This usually has a map and of course you’re given help line numbers just incase of emergency. Yes there is even wifi available though we didn’t really use it as my tablet was on 3G.

Many docks you come along side will more you up especially at yarmouth as the tides do change. for just £10 you can dock at most places for the night though many others have free moorings. They have toilets and usually showers so you dont have to use the boats. You get free water so if you need to fill up you can and in 2 weeks you have plenty of fuel to keep you going so probably wouldn’t need to refill. The doc men are all so helpful and good at giving directions, they usually have leaflets and takeaway recommendations too.

A popular place to visit along the way is Stacey’s Wind Pump, this little family will make you smile, they have a little store for the few essentials or gifts, goats, and a windmill you can climb. You can even drop by a pub/restaurant for a drink or meal, visit the park or rest in a quiet broad under the stars. There is a lot of fun to be had even on land and if you need an ice cream just wait for him to come round to your broad in his little ice cream/snack boat. One day I will go on holiday again.

Cost and look:

This may vary from boat to boat so do check listing details. I have listed the basic look of the boat i went on and the main picture and layout of two others below. Generally prices for 7 nights are from £400, mine was at a busier time in september and was £600 with sliding canopy, but between 4 people thats just £150 each. Some other larger boats may cost between £650 – £900 but if it sleeps more people you can divide the cost between more of you for very little.

It does depend on what you are looking for and how long you stay, you could go for just 2 nights or 3 weeks. Of course you would probably have to book more time off work. The price does include life jackets and fuel deposit is usually £125 a week but you get some money back if you dont use it all. There is optional damage waiver of £40. You can get an extra cot or extra blankets etc and you can take a bike or pets too.

Generally you start with a set of plates, cups, bedding (inc pillows, sheets and quilt) and even a little loo roll and washing liquid though we always packed our own. It’s just like camping though you’re on  a boat and yes it has heating and tv & dvd player and music player for cd’s. Please be aware if your really, really tall you may find your feet hanging out the side of the bed or sleeping in living room if you prefer, these beds suit most and are quite comfy. Though we went from Acle in 7 nights to Lowestoft and Yarmouth, Reedham through to Norwich and back you could Set off from Stalham like we did a few years ago. Both places are a good starting point if you haven’t been before they are so friendly and helpful.

If you like this post and want to share it please do. Also if you would like to make a comment I would love to hear from you regarding your holidays or any recommendations for my next holiday. Thank you for reading my post.