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Lesson I Learned From Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters tools the way to success?


Ghostbusters is one of the well known films and an animated series. It bought a new insight to good guys and taught me many things. Every character has a role to play and the need for heroes with tools is an important feature in many films. What makes Ghostbusters so different?
This was a film not only about catching ghosts, but its a story, an adventure and disaster waiting to happen. I mean who’s ever heard of good guys that tear up the town and destroy everything. Is that not the job of a bad guy? Ghostbusters bring you love and friendships even without their tools. We use all kinds of tools to make friends. Ghostbusters use mostly their toys to show off their skills of their trade, or try to use pure personality. This seems to work better, if supported by their toys and gadgets.

We can bring people closer together and get to know others by networking like the Ghostbusters. Once we have identified what people need or want, we will get to know our target market. This makes it easier for people to find us, especially if we have a way for people to contact us. The Ghostbusters had their own building, a car for advertising and a telephone. We have a car online and it drives our information straight into peoples hands, its called an internet website. We have a home or a means of getting into our car (internet website) in any location. Ghostbusters were limited to where they were parked. We can use social networking to reach people worldwide, Ghostbusters use papers or word of mouth. Although we have more tools available to us than the Ghostbusters do we use them? There are so many but if you don’t identify the important ones you might get left behind in a world that never stops spinning.

If you need the means to grow you need to create your image. You need a way for people to find you and contact you. Take this blog system I use, without it who would find me, who would learn and grow without information. With blogging you can make friends, gain new ideas, insights to new stories and even create your own image or brand. Blogging will lead you on the path to being a successful entrepreneur in your industry. Only of course if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to make your dream a reality. Without hard work nothing will grow but weeds.
Do you have a lesson you would like to share that you learned from the Ghostbusters or another popular film / animated series? If so please make a comment below, thank you.

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