Lesson I Learned From 2 Ducks Waddling In The Street

Bogging from the comfort of your own home is great. It is fun and I don’t need to lug my pc with me. I learned a lesson from ducks.


Sat at home watching tv. I decided it was time I made a post on my blog.What should I write about today I wonder?. I look out the window down my street and saw two ducks with sparkling beaks. Their coat of feather’s, one brown one green, shimmering in the sunlight and flapping in the wind. I wonder what it is like to be a duck?

You think I’m strange talking about a couple of ducks?

2-ducks brown green duck

While it may seem strange, it is also different and unique. Everyone has a story to tell. Most people think they are unable to make a post that is more than a few lines long. The lesson I learned is that there is a story to be told everywhere we look.

Take the two ducks in my street. This was strange as I only ever saw a few ducks together in a small group. They usually hung around by the nearby river and stayed on the field collecting passers by bread crumbs. These two ducks waddled up and down the road several times in an hour, only stopping on the path to take in their surroundings or change direction. They seemed to just want a break from paddling or maybe they were lost. After a couple of hours the ducks were seen passing through flowers in some front gardens, chasing off a lazey cat and heading back into the river. Very strange that they would stray so far. I guess even ducks find home a bit samey and monotonous.

The ducks taught me to branch out. Doing this especially when I get stuck will help me see more of the world in so much more colour. This gives me inspiration and if I put it into my work and stories the world will be a more interesting place.

I never thought a duck could be a teacher, or I could learn anything from them but they certainly helped in my quest to blog more from home. One day I will visit those ducks again to see how they are doing and what else I can learn from the local animals. If you like my post please share it and feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks for looking.