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Learn How to Blog, Be A Good Blogger

Something I learned the hard way. If you want to be a blogger, you don’t need to have any particular skills. Just be able to turn on the pc and open your chosen blog platform is half the battle. Next you need to have a hobby or an interest, then write about it. I bet you can make at least 5 post about your interest in just an hour or 2.  This is the same way I started. After just making a few notes, a list of things I enjoy my blog developed before my eyes. Originally I just made a few comments & post on facebook while talking to friends. After a while I found a better way.

I found a community and a blogging platform that works for me. The platform I chose is this one, its Kalatu. [tweet_dis]Kalatu is not only designed for a complete newbie like me but helps give the user ideas and guidance through a unique support system.[/tweet_dis] Also if you choose to take part in the 21 day blogging challenge you will be linked to facebook. You can get traffic and comments free. It is true blogging takes time, but just think how successful you can be with your blog. One post every day for a year, makes 365 post and a more interesting blog than any new website just starting out. Google likes this and in time as its updated regularly you will also get free traffic.

Heres some blogging news that helped me:
Blogging is a lifestyle choice. I love blogging, just for fun. It is what top earners are doing to help rake in millions. Even millionaires used it to get where they are today. Why don’t you join a community of bloggers and try it for yourself? Then again you could just choose to be another dreamer and not bother trying to be a success, it’s really up to you.

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