Kalatu social media seo

Do you know anything about Kalatu social media seo? If you want your blogging platform to be optimised for social media then you will need to read this. Your seo will gradually improve over time. see below to learn more.

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Social media is widely used by companies in search of real life and free source of traffic. If you are not using this in your business then you don’t know what you are missing. Hundreds of people use social media for business and personal use. Using social media allows you communicate with thousands of people at the same time. Are you leveraging it?

Ok so you posting and sharing info on your social media account and only a few people liked it. How do you get more engagement? Its no good just randomly posting things all over facebook. Before you get started you need to do a little research. 1st you have  got to know your niche. Next it is important to build relationships. How do people know who you are and what you’re promoting if you are not sure or concistant. Not many people will trust you if you don’t value what your sharing and change your niche like the weather.

A great way to share your product or interests is by joining a group, or making your own page (on Facebook). Then you can see what other people are doing and sharing. You can also share what you have to offer in a place where people are already interested in your niche. [tweet_box design=”default”]Using social media, you will gain more interest you will obtain more likes and shares.[/tweet_box] This will result in more traffic to your website or product. Google will also slowly rank your website higher in its result if more people are talking about your site.

Before I even started using Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, I would maybe get 5 visits to my site in a day, slowly as my social networking and seo improved I started getting arround 20 visits in a day. Over time as my social media and website become known better, I hope to reach 50 a day soon, that’s about 1500 people a month. Can you see the importance of using social media?

How are you using your social media to gain traffic to your website or product? you have got any suggestions for me or other that you would like to share? If so please leave a comment below.

Thank you for your time.