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How to set Up Your Kalatu Blog

Are you unsure what you can expect from the Kalatu wordpress style blogging platform?

Don’t worry I will guide you through it and if you get stuck at any time just contact support or ask the community for help. Everyone starts out knowing just a little or nothing at all but before long you will be up and running and a pro. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Blogs are a great way to make your presence known, whether you want to use them for business or pleasure you can always customise it to your needs. Many businesses now use blogging to easily market their products and increase their customer base around the world, so can you even if you don’t have your own product and are an affiliate.

Kalatu cuts out the need to have any technical expertise:

Would you love to get your blog up and running in the next 10 minutes? With Kalatu your readers can respond to your posts and leave comments. This allows you to see who is interested in the products or service your offering. Companies use this to develop a relationship and network  with potential customers, suppliers or business partners.

Articles and other pages can be added with ease through a style of windows interface. You can also add social network buttons so users can easily share your page or articles with others. This is great for a free source of traffic and getting new potential customers to your blog.

The best thing about Kalatu is it’s easy to set up and if you don’t like your theme you can simply chose another one and still have your content. Kalatu is easy to use and will enable you to connect with your audience with just a few clicks of the button. If idea’s for a post are not your strong point, no worries Kalatu means to tell a story and it will provide you with ideas to get you started. Check out this video below:

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