How to find yourself

who i am butterflyThere is a great adventure just waiting to happen from the moment we are born. The adventure of a life time is spent discovering who we really are. So many of us walk around aimlessly not knowing or listening to our inner critic that gives us all the wrong ideas about ourselves. We have a tendency to mistakenly think of self-understanding as self-indulgence. Many of us will carry on without asking one of the most important question we’ll ever ask ourselves: Who am I really?

This question can leave many people puzzled and usually leads to others like: Why is my life so pretentious? and what is it i want or need? Finding yourself may seem like a self centered gole to have but it is actually quite the opposite and an important factor in the deciding what we do in life. We can become the most important and valuable person in our own life and a good partner to others, if we can learn more about ourselves and who we are, even what we value we have and have and what we have to offer. Just as a snake may shed it skin we need to break down things that do serve us in our lives and don’t reflect who we really are. We need to build up and recognize who we want to be by passionately fulfilling our unique destiny, whatever that may be.

The first important step is to make sense of your past:

In order to understand more about our selves you need to ask the question, whats my story? This will help you to uncover uncover who you are and why you have been acting the way you have. With a little bit of Being brave and willing to explore your past you will be one important stepping closer on the path to understanding yourself and becoming who you want to be. It is not just the things that have happened to us in the past that make us who we are, it is in fact how we interpret and make sense of them. Sometimes the past can creep up on you when you least expect it. This is usually caused by unresolved traumas from our history which then inform the way we act today. I believe that our life story has a significant relationship to our psychological well-being. The better we understand our own story we are able to make more mindful, conscious decisions in our present that represent our true selves.

Due to situations we have been through on our own or with maybe a parent or an old friend. We may find ourselves being more guarded towards new experiences. We may grow up feeling a lot more defensive or resistant to trying new challenges for fear of being ridiculed or that we won’t enjoy them. How will we know if we do not try? It is easy to see how carrying so much uncertainty with us into our adulthood, may easily shake our sense of identity and limit us in different areas. To break this pattern of behavior, it’s valuable to acknowledge what’s driving it. We should always be willing to be reflective and look at the source of our most self-limiting or self-destructive tendencies.

Seek true meaning and think about what you want:

It so easy to be so negative but these thoughts will only hold you back, they blind you from the truth and stop you being able to be positive and ultimately happy. We need to stop making so many complaints about our circumstances and surroundings If we can begin orienting ourselves toward being positive and setting goals, strategies and solutions, we can start moving foward and answer that question: Who am i? Put simply, we think too much about what we don’t want instead of concentrating on what we do and taking action on it.