How Empower Network Has Transformed My Life

From couch potato to enthusiastic nut in less than a day. Thank you Empower Network.


Life was hard being buried under a rock. Glued to the T.v, chair or laptop. I had no energy or enthusiasm. I had lost my motivation since losing a couple of close friends and my job. I had moved into a place I didn’t know and left my best mate in a town so far away, It was hard to find the time to get there and even sometimes see family.

From Empower Network I learned to do and think many things. The Network tought me to be me and all I can be. It helped me see what I could not and taught me to set my mind free. Empower took that old energizer battery that was running me down and gave me a supper charged Duracell one with extra long life. I never would have thought it was possible to learn so much from one site, it’s awesome.

My mind is at ease, it doesn’t wander so much. I feel better knowing Empower is there for me and understands. With the motivation to use the super charged battery Empower has given me I will take it to the next level and succeed. So far over 360 Views within about a month of having a blog and making it all by my self. This is one of the greatest achievements and I managed to get a p/t job in a kiosk and accepted for p/t study with the Open university on an Art and Design course. Things just keep getting better. I see family and friends more and gave met so many new people I had to pinch my self to check it’s all real. Im even told im not and never was a zero but I am a sweet hero as I use my personable conscientious skills to help others and learn and grow.

Wouldn’t you like to be all you can be and stop lying about the house wallowing in your own self pity? Stop wasting your time, be spontaneous, be a success and write about it. No you don’t need any skills or to be a great writer, even I am not. Though through this same system you can learn to be amazing like the Empower Network and maybe even me.