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Have you singed up for Kalatu Premium yet?

Have you singed up for Kalatu Premium yet?

KALATUESDAY Tip #11: Browse Premium Themes

Whatever your brand, style, or niche might be, there’s a Kalatu Premium theme that will suit your needs.

Are you a photographer, seeking a simple, clean, professional theme to highlight your photography, and let your work do the talking? "Capture" is right up your alley.

If publishing and curating content is your thing, then the legibility and versatility of "Blogzine" is the theme for you.

Maybe you’re an artist, looking for a sleek solution for showcasing a portfolio with stle? The "Premier" theme would be the perfect fit for you.

Or perhaps you’re a professional, looking to aim your marketing to businesses and clients. The vanity style of "Display" would suit your needs wonderfully.

One of the most valuable benefits of Kalatu Premium is the fact that new Premium themes are added regularly, so you always have new toys to play with!

Browse some of your Premium themes today, and tell us which one is your favorite!

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