Computers In Our World

Computers have changed so much over the years, they are a way of life. Computers are everywhere and we use them daily even if we think we know nothing about how to use them.

Seeing and encountering computers

As science has grown and closely followed by technology, we find ourselves creating more and more complex designs of computers. This is the way our world has developed. When we need something and can not do it alone, our inventing skills come to light. Originally we would seek the help of others, these days we make a device that can help us.

We don’t actually invent a computer straight away, we invent toys, machinery and add electronic to it. Once we start adding the electronics this is where anything can happen. This is also what starts to make our inventions complex. Its not all about the shape of the deign, it is about what goes into it and what we use it for that makes it a computer.

Computers are everywhere, we see them all the time. A traditional computer has a screen to view data, a key board, a mouse and power supply. It also contains a number of processors, a mother board or (circuit board) and other more complex parts. Although the main computer is usually referred to as a P.C (personal computer) there are many others.

Here are just a few common types below:

  • Laptop or Tablet
  • Mobile Phone or PDA
  • Camera
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Television
  • Projector
  • Cars, Planes, Trains
  • Card Machine or Terminal
  • Ticket Machine
  • Washing Machine
  • A Door Open/Close System
  • How many can you come up with that you encounter every day?

computers laptops

Old computers are the best

While many of our computers have fast processors, the latest software, come in a range of designs, they don’t work as well as the old ones we left behind. Computers were huge when they were first designed and invented. They took up a lot of space, it was believed that a computer of today would need a whole warehouse of its own. This obviously isn’t true as they become smaller and smaller and much more portable. Toady’s computers are great and they cut out the need for carrying lots of disk by installing software onto a device. The problem occurs when the device or computer breaks and you have to replace the whole unit. This can be costly and expensive. Bring back the old days when you didn’t have to spend so much and things were easily repaired.

These days you have to spend years of your life going to an education establishment, just to learn the basics of computing to fix or upgrade something. This is great but why not do it for free. We use the Internet and spend hours looking up a solution to something we would have found easy in the past. Tech support great idea except I spent 2 hours trying to get through to an English person who is human and not a robot, only to get asked 20 questions about me, what my pc is, what the problem is, can you repeat that, sorry what is your issue, have you reset it etc. My computer was actually worse after all this it became slow, overheated and had to be replaced in a couple of months of being fixed. Computers today are made to last no more than a few years and companies expect us to upgrade and spend our money on the next edition. The end product may be great but then very little are disposed of correctly and end up in landfill, this they reckon will be full by about 2070 less we make more or recycle all products and not just 10%.

This video below will show you more on old computers and why they are good:

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