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I didn’t realize i could do this, I spent just £21.99 on an advertising package (add clix) with Xpango. They gave me 300 clix adds to my referral link which took a few months for them to deliver, but in that time 40% of people signed up. Many of those people that signed up completed at least 1 offer and for each person who did, I gain 1 credit. I didn’t have to advertise my link myself if I didn’t want to. The best bit is since I set it and forgot it, I gained enough referrals to gain my own free gift. I then sold my free gift for profit.

I had a ps4 already so it was ebayed and I sold it for £200, minus the £21.99 i spent that gave me: £178.01 for me that’s more than a weeks wages from my part time job.Do you see now why I recomended this site to make cash? You pay out a tiny bit and rake in so much profit. You can even advertise your link to get credits quicker and you can send your signups an email reminder to help welcome them and encourage they complete an offer just to thank you for showing them a profitable site.

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