How My Boyfriend Has Rescued My Life

Don’t let heights put you off walking the line, it is easier with a hero to guide you.

A difficult relationship was always a constant battle and being lonely and lost in a world full of people was hard to get along with. Creditors ear bashing and constant changing rules living under parents roof with my sweet sister, personal space was somewhat small. In and out of jobs, never know where I was at. The world seemed to move so quickly and leave me behind.

I learnt to just keep moving forward, I learned to get stuck in and do many things and if I didn’t know something just ask. My hero taught how to climb up onto that ledge, he taught me to hold my head up and rescued me. He smiled and made me realize life isnt so bad and scary. I was just looking at it wrong. If I stopped and looked more at what I had and what I had learned, I would realize I am surviving life and have so many skills. Heights is hard for me but with little steps and my boyfriend Dominic’s hand, i will keep moving forward and reach my happy goles.

Life just keeps changing but i’m not worried. My boyfriend Dominic helps me grow. Together people are strong and being alone is hard work. Only with guidance can we succeed, but if we don’t listen we will find it hard.

Now I have my own place in a cozy flat in bedfordshire, UK, with my boyfriend. I also have a part time job in a garage and am training as a Brownie Leader with the Girl Guiding Association. Life just keeps getting better as I realize there are so many possibilities and things I can do. Sometimes I wonder did Dominic rescue me or did I rescue him?
The truth is we rescued each other and we are both a lot happier now we found each other and have our friends close by.

Dominic Burgess

Become a part of something big and make a leap of faith. Make that important change in your life, don’t wait to hopefully be picked up, do the rowing for yourself and you will lead the way to your own success. If your not on the inside track you may be waiting a long time to meet hero’s like mine or even David Wood.