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Blogging for dummies a beginners 2 step guide

What if I told you that in just 15 minutes or less, you could have your blog up and running?

Many people have been able to build a successful profitable website in just a short period of time. Please do not feel bad if you have not yet achieved this. Everyone gets stuck now and again so don’t worry and lets get you on track.

Firstly let me start by saying that i’m here for you.

There are two important decisions I want you to think about first:

  • What is your website or blog going to be called?
  • What blog platform are you going to use?

How to pick a domain name:

The domain name of my blog is guidetoblogging.siterubix.com this is my blog url and where people are able to find me on the internet.

Unless you want your blog to mainly target getting noticed by people within a certain country, I would advise you to use a domain name that ends with .com, .net or .org. This is because only bloggers who need customers from aparticular country should and will normaly use an extension like .co.ru or any other national extension. (UK is .co.uk, Norway is .no, USA is .us, Canada is .ca etc).

The people around the world become your audience when they view your domain url and can immediately recognize a .com or .net domain name. This is a wonderful thing. Just think were as one website may be limited to a country of people, yours could be available to millions of people around the world.

What matters most is Your level of happiness with the domain you choose. If you are still unsure, write down a few topics and see what sort of urls others are using by doing a general search on google. You could do something like:

  • MyFootballTipsWebsite
  • BestGuidesToFastWeightLoss
  • DansTopBlogTips
  • JillsCraftsForNewbies

Picking a blog platform or web host:

This is another very important step.

Web hosts provide the online storage that all blogs need. The host also allows visitors to access your blog.

Choosing a free platform or a lousy one is not the way to go, unless you want a bad experience. Don’t go there I have and it’s not worth the hassle.

Find a host you can trust with your own blog. This is so you won’t end up paying someone to repair or reboot your blog after your really cheap platform or host lets you down and goes offline a lot due to maintenance. I hated this so I gave up with a lot of free blogging platforms and got my own domain.

After using many other hosts over time like Brain Host, Hostgator, Godaddy, 1and1 trials, blogger and many others, I have found Kalatu to be exceptional. It meets my needs and allows me to blog with ease without confusion.
You can’t beat their customer service with 24/7 support thru chat, email or phone, all available through their community pages and in my Kalatu accessable help files. Best bit is their blog setup is really easy to follow.

They also give a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee, No questions asked.

Since Kalatu is so good, their rates tend to be a bit higher than many other hosts but very reasonable. The good news is that Kalatu agreed to give me a free trial and provides the option to upgrade whenever I want to and am ready. It doesn’t overwhelm me with too much information at once. Pretty cool, eh?

I have been very happy so far with the inspirational service that Kalatu provides for my website. They provide great customer service in a smiling community of people, which enables me to recommend this to you with confidence.

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