Blog short cut – from voice to blog post Did you know…

Blog short cut – from voice to blog post

Did you know there is a shortcut that not so many people are exploiting. Its called blogging from your voice. All you do is use a speech recognition software with a mic to write your posts. This can be done in word, wordpress, note pads and on many devices. I use my laptop pc and even my Samsung Galaxy Note when I am out. This allows me to record and automatically type what I want to say for later use.

This is a quick and easy way to do what comes naturally to us. No more spending tones of hours blogging our content. Save time and go out with friends and family instead.

View more tips and best recognition software here:

Write Blog Posts With Speech > Guide To Blogging Online
Shortcuts to blogging by using speech recognition. Best speech recognition software and tips. Use mobile device to speak your blog posts.

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