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About Mousies Blog . Com:

Author Carol Mousie Guide To Blogging OnlineAre you one of those people who has dreamed of making your own blog into something more than just a simple hobby? Well, you’re in the right place. My name is Carol but many people known me by the name Mousie. Mousies Blog was my first family and life related blog. It is also about so much more than the idea of how to blog. More tips can be found at guidetoblogging.online. Here, I will provide you with inspiration, tools and resources you need to accomplish your goals – whether it’s starting a new blog or growing your readership, or maybe make money from blogging. Most especially, I will help take your blog to a whole new level with a precise sense of direction, purpose and the know-how to work your blog the same with as a well-oiled business.

Mousies Blog . Com History:

This is a family and life style blogging website. It is also dedicated to assisting other bloggers, to learn the abilities and expertise of blogging. I hope to help others share their experiences and promote their blogging medium as well. I have been blogging for about 7 years and started this site in August 2013. This was mainly because I liked to keep a record of what I was doing and learning when it comes to blogging. Also I blogged because I wanted to engage with other people who are making income from their blogs. Since then, I have added many different article tutorials, tips and even case studies to my archives.

Why Start Your Own Blog?

Blogging is extremely fun. It’s very exciting too. You begin with great ideas, full of inspiration and motivation. After a while, you run out of steam. Did you know that there are 2 aspects of getting content for your blog? The first is to get an inspiration, which produces original content on your blog. This could come from a wide array of sources. Generally, it could be a fellow’s blogger post, a news story, an interesting website page you encounter, something that your friend said, or anything, which interests you enough to search and write about it.
If you have too much free time at the same time, you are continuously browsing on the Web, then you must really take into consideration starting a blog. You’ll soon get addicted to it and you’ll start learning different stuff. So, if you’re bored right now, what are you waiting for? With blogging, you’ll get new and wonderful experiences – there’s nothing to lose.

Why Choose Mousies Blog . Com?

Here at mousiesblog.com, I have put together a wide list of content resources for you to use for possible blog content. It truly is not a list of all the resources, content and information out there; however, this site is made to get you thinking about all the information, resources, and content for you to blog about.
Here, I have a very simple goal, I always wanted to keep my advice jargon-free, short and simple. My purpose with this online platform is to help people like you solve your career and job search concerns. I keep my content free of advertisements and clean because I don’t want readers to be distracted while reading my blogging tips. Compare to other blogging sites out there, I have handpicked resources and topics to guide you throughout the process.

Today, I really enjoy blogging and I love seeing my blog develop before my own eyes. As I grow, so too does my blog. If you like to try out and see how my blogging platform has made me a blogging success, feel free to visit My Beginner Blog Platform. You can also join my hangout.

If you are in search for results – if you wish to be not just a simple and ordinary blogger, however a successful entrepreneur as well – you’re in the right place.

The blogging platform I chose didn’t require you to have already chosen a niche. It allows its user to get setup in 15min and develop your niche as you go. It provided me with ideas, tips on getting started and so much more. I didn’t even know what HTML, SEO or JARVA was to begin with but I don’t have to know this stuff to blog and neither do you. I’m enjoying blogging so much and love seeing my blog develop before my eyes. As I grow, so to does my blog. If you would like to try out and see the blogging platform that has made me a blogging success visit: My Beginner Blog Platform

Wishing you all the best.

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