About mousie

Hello World:

Just a short welcome to Mousies Blog. My real name is Carol but many know me as Mousie. Mousie because of my nature and always willing to do and try things, I have a very big heart and love to learn. Though I haven’t always been that brave. I was born in UK, Dec 1983 and always used to be a shy & very quiet girl. My mum moved many times when I was little or my next door neighbors moved, so making friends became hard after a time. I always remember my flat no 64 in Borehamwood that I lived in as this was the starting point to a new future of possibilities. This was nothing special to most passers by, but this was where I met my dad and gained a lovely sister. I got to go bowling and watch both my mum and new dad in a league. I always thought it would be wonderful to play the organ like my dad or be a good bowler like my parents, but then I never knew what I really wanted to do or be. I used to play a lot of games a loan and still do some, but I now put a little more time aside for me and getting to know my new found friends.

Most Important:

I realized something now that I didn’t in my early years, my old flat, my dad, the other people I saw and things I did are what made the area I lived so special to me. In turn these things make me who I am and my friends who they are, things may change but I am still me. Places don’t matter so much, it’s the people, the feelings I get and the ability to be inspired by experiences and take it all on board and adapt to situations and places.

Later I grew up in a place called Letchworth before my parents moved to Sandy and I met some new people. They showed me that life can be more fun and interesting, life is what you make of it. I’ve had a few retail and warehouse jobs as a temp before becoming an Avon Rep, but in many was sadly made redundant. I’m not worried where I’m heading no more because I know where I am. I got side tracked and stumbled over a ladder that lead me to my first flat in Hertfordshire with friends. That property was broken and warn and came with its problems but now I am doing ok. I have my own place with my bf. I have friends that are always there for me, a blog, fb and a p/t job. I also make a little cash online and am part of a new franchise.

I’m so grateful to my family for their inspiration and teachings, I will also never forget my friends. They are all important and what make us unique.