A lovely tribute from the Stobart Group honoring…

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A lovely tribute from the Stobart Group honoring the memory of Lee Rigby this week.

Great to see this tribute from Eddie Stobart Ltd. in memory of Lee Rigby. The first truck in their fleet to be named after a man rather than a woman. Gone but not forgotten.

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The Stobart Group is an infrastructure and support large British company. Stobart had much interests in Energy, Rail, Aviation, Investments and Brand Promotion. These are much thought of through its operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Did you know that Stobart is listed on the London stock exchange (LSE:STOB) ?

Stobart uses combined transport logistics. this means that they transport a range of goods under a single contract via many transport methods. E.g a product with one label delivered by lorry and train to its destination. This is also known as multimodal logistics.

Eddie Stobart operates from around 50 sites across the UK and into Ireland and Continental Europe. They offer LGV Driver Training and LGV Flexi Driving. LGV C+E (Class 1) – Flexi – Various Locations. You can even apply online for an application form to join them or find out more information. Eddie Stobart now has a road haulage fleet of over 2,200 trucks and as for its premium quality warehousing, over six million square feet.