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3 Benefits of a High Protein Diet

It is true if you are able to introduce more protein into your meals, you will be full for longer. Protein is what tells us when we are full. Protein also stops us binge snacking on unhealthy food. Snack foods can help us stop feeling hungry, but doesn’t give us more energy for long. I don’t know about you but id rather not have a sugar crash every day. This can leave you being more exhausted, tired and generally make you feel down.

No matter what diet you look to, no matter which health guru you listen to, they all seem to have the same message when it comes to diets and health; increase your protein consumption.

But what are the health benefits of doing so?

How do you know if you’re eating enough already?

Discover protein benefits:

● How increasing protein aids with fat loss

● How protein preserves muscle mass while dieting, and why that matters

● Exercise recovery: How higher protein consumption helps your body bounce back

Introducing more protein is a bit of a balancing act. If you do increase your protein intake, you won’t regret it. You will actually find doing so helps improve fat loss.

Increasing your protein consumption, while reducing other food types will aid in fat loss. It’s almost like your body doesn’t have a choice but to lose weight.

In general, those on the “S.A.D” (Standard American Diet) consume roughly 50% carbohydrates, 35% fat, and only 15% protein per day. Frighteningly, the USDA advises the public to eat a diet consisting of 60% carbs, 30% fat, and only 10% (!) protein.

However, studies show that changing these numbers around even slightly will be beneficial to your health in general. It will help you to lose weight. Depending on where you live and what religion you are from, can also affect these numbers.

Click here to learn more about food cultures:egg protein on toast with nuts

Amount of calories per gram matters:

A calorie is a calorie, right?

Not necessarily. It depends on the food type. For example, a gram of fat can contain 2 times the amount of calories than protein or carbohydrate. What you eat is as (or maybe more) important than the amount you eat.

It’s all about satiation. If you feel full, you’re less likely to eat more. A meal or snack with a higher proportion of fat and carbs than protein will force you to consume far more calories than an alternative with higher protein.

Changing the ratio of protein over carbs and fats will aid fat loss because protein has a similar nutrient density but fewer calories. Increasing your protein, you will gradually lose weight as your daily calories will be in deficit, without the hunger pains and difficulty of normal dieting from food restriction.

Metabolic cookbook

If you are worried about your calories and protein intake, check out this really cheap ebook. It is really good at providing you with delicious healthy meals.

If you would like to learn more about these recipes click here: Metabolic cookbook.

You will be surprised you haven’t heard of this book before and the best bit is not just the value. Its great for losing weight, keeping weight off, providing you with more energy and is 100% risk-free. Comes with a money back guarantee, so if in 60 days you decide you don’t like it, you get your money back.

The 3 biggest problems this book will solve are:

  1. Show you the best ingredients to use that help get rid of unwanted excess fat. Unlike other healthy fat loss books, that leave you storing more fat. Most cooking recipes usually include a lot of margarine, high protein dressing or sugar. These recipes are specially designed to help you cook healthier.
  2. Generally, most cookbooks do not contain a good structure. They are not very well organised and end up leaving you unable to, easily come up with your own meal plans. You just pick out a bunch of recipes and hope to lose fat fast. The Metabolic cookbook is laid out in a way that could help you achieve your goals.
  3. Do away with an ordinary cookbook. Stop cooking the same boring meals. You will end up eating the same un-metabolic foods over and over again, day after day. What’s more, once you have made these recipes a couple of times you probably won’t use those useless books again. Left on the shelf to collect dust, just like your diet.

The Metabolic cookbook will never be left collecting dust. It will not leave you just eating un-metabolic food that will, ultimately contribute to slow down your metabolism. Other recipes may slow it down, to the point where you won’t actually be losing fat anymore. Instead, you need to be eating the top fat burning foods, to help keep your metabolism where it needs to be.

Protein preserves muscle mass:

Continuing, increasing protein consumption as a whole, or in proportion to other food groups will prevent muscle loss while losing weight.

Losing weight is one thing. It’s the first thing people think of when they want to slim down. Unfortunately though, losing weight does not always equal losing fat. Weight reduction can occur from losing fat, water weight, or, worryingly, muscle. The numbers on the scale may be going down, but not always in a good way. You’ll be losing weight, but looking and feeling worse than before.

It is the layer of fat covering the body that needs to be reduced to give the results you’re looking for. Reducing fat without muscle loss can be tricky while dieting and intensive exercise. Keeping an eye on your diet and increasing protein consumption will help preserve muscle while losing fat. You may not be looking to bulk up, but it’s vital to retain the muscle mass you already have.

Going further, increasing muscle mass beyond your norm will also help the body to lose weight because larger muscle mass burns more calories throughout the day. To increase muscle mass, you should aim to consume 1g of protein per pound of body weight.

Exercise recovery:

Protein aids faster repair and recovery to damage of muscle fibres, tendons and connective tissue caused by exercise. It goes to show that if you are not including enough protein in your diet, it reduces the capability and speed your body has of repairing itself, leading to fatigue, injury, muscle soreness and central nervous system overwhelm.

A simple increase in protein each day will solve a lot of these problems. Try including at least one portion of protein with every meal.

High protein recipes:

I want you to be inspired so to get your taste buds working I have included 3 recipes you will not find in ordinary cookbooks. Below are 3 quick and easy recipes to try which contain a high amount of protein. Use these as a springboard to inspire you to pep up standard recipes by adding protein-rich ingredients.

Delicious protein pancakes:

Feel good about eating these scrumptious protein pancakes. No need for any guilt when eating this delicious treat. These high protein, nutritious, low sugar pancakes can be the perfect protein-boosting start to your day.


2 scoops protein powder (60g)

1 tsp baking powder

3 fl oz cows milk or almond milk


● Combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend for about a minute

● Adjust for consistency — if you would prefer thinner, crepe style pancakes, add more milk

● Brush on some butter, vegetable oil or coconut oil onto a frying pan at medium-high heat

● Pour batter into the pan to your desired size of a pancake

● Cook until bubbles form on the top, and edges are slightly lifting, allowing you to slide your spatula under

● Flip over and do the same on the other side

● Move to a warm plate

● Repeat until batter is finished

Top pancakes with healthy pecan nuts, maple syrup, and blueberries and serve.

Note: Getting the heat perfect can be a bit “fickle” when cooking pancakes. Sometimes, during cooking you’ll need to turn heat down or up depending on the speed the pancakes are cooking or they can cook too quickly and burn.

Super simple protein salad:

Salads can be delicious, but one thing they are not known for is their high protein content. We aim to change this! By simply adding grilled chicken and avocado, you can up the protein content significantly, in a delicious, healthy way.


½ teaspoon paprika

1 tsp salt

½ teaspoon black pepper

1 TBSP olive oil

2 boneless chicken breast

2 ripe avocados

Small punnet cherry tomatoes

1 small red onion

1 cucumber

1 Iceberg or Romaine lettuce

For the dressing:

1 TBSP lemon juice

2 TBSP olive oil

Salt & pepper to taste


● Rub the chicken breast with olive oil and season with salt, pepper, paprika and mixed herbs

● Cook under a preheated grill for around 6-7 minutes each side on medium-high heat

● Place on chopping board and cut into thin strips ½ inch in width and leave to cool while preparing salad

● Halve the avocado, remove pip and scoop out onto a chopping board and slice

● Cut the onion in half then slice thinly

● Slice cherry tomatoes in half

● Wash and slice cucumber

● Combine avocado slices, cucumber, lettuce, sliced onion in a large bowl, and toss together

● Add chicken breast strips and serve

● Use mixture of olive oil and lemon juice as a salad dressing

Super simple salmon and couscous:

Throw this scrumptious filling meal together in under 20 minutes. Salmon on couscous. Sounds very elegant and high end, but is so easy to make.


1.45 cups chicken broth or vegetable stock

1.5 cups couscous

1 lb salmon fillets

1 TBSP olive oil

1 onion, chopped

Salt & pepper

1 TBSP lemon juice


● Preheat oven to 450F

● Add olive oil to heavy frying pan or skillet, add in chopped onions and saute for 5 minutes.

● Add chicken broth or stock, lemon juice and bring to the boil

● Add couscous and stir

● Cover with lid and leave for around 5 minutes

● Meanwhile, brush salmon pieces with olive oil and season with salt

● Place skin side down on a non-stick baking tray

● Cook in an oven for 12-15 minutes

● The couscous is now ready. Once the salmon is cooked, transfer couscous to a plate, fluff up with a fork to separate grains. Add the delicious salmon on the bed of couscous

Serve with sliced cherry tomato and chopped spring onion (optional)

Now you know that higher protein can contribute to your health, help you lose body fat, feel more energy, and allow your body to recover quickly and thrive, you’re probably convinced on the benefits of a high protein diet. The good thing is it’s so simple to get started. You don’t need to make any big changes to the way you already eat. Simply add more protein to your meals, and reduce carbs and/or fats accordingly. Very small steps to reap a big reward.

metabolic cookbook

20 thoughts on “3 Benefits of a High Protein Diet

  1. For people that love working out and keeping fit like me we have to make sure we take enough protein to keep fit.

    But I know there are lots of disadvantages to taking much protein and I would love to get more insight on that.

    As someone that loves working out could there be disadvantages out there for too much intake of protein?

    Am worried about it and would be so grateful if you help.

    1. The main disadvantage is gaining ketosis where your body doesn’t break down the foods so well and leads to bad breath. Other issues are for those with rare PKU illness. This is where people are diagnosed as being unable to break down much protein. In this case, large amounts of protein can make them ill. High protein can also increase the risk of kidney damage but this is an extream case. Particularly if you have kidney disease. If this is the case amino acids will contain excess nitrogen that makes up the protein. More about this can be found at the Healthline website. Hope this helps.

  2. wow! I never knew protein could help reduce fats, So sad we take more of food with less proteins this days and we could tell what that as resulted through the health challenges many face. I love the simplicity at which you write, and this post is so educative. I’m bookmarking this page right away.

    Thanks again 

    1. Hi, I’m so glad it was informative. I’m always learning about new things. It depends on where you live, your lifestyle and even what exercises you do, to what health challenges we may face. Everyones different. Eating better is important for all of us. They say kids today either don’t like greens much or have too much sugar. The same can be said about us adults. If we can learn kids will follow our example. It’s easy to go for high carb and snack foods. We don’t always have time to prepare meals. Moderation is key. It is also going to save you money in the long run.

  3. I must say that I heard so many things about protein diet but I did not know that it is so good for the human organism. I am satisfied with my line but I would use this diet to build my muscles. Your recipes are so simple and easy to follow and I will definitely try them. Thanks for sharing such great information!

    1. I’m glad you found the information and recipes useful. I wanted to give the top 3 recipes I like that are clear and simple for anyone to use. You will not find these in ordinary books. Of course, there may be some similarities but there are even more great recipes in eBooks like the metabolic cookbook and paleo. If you have any recipes you would like to share, please feel free to do so.

  4. Proteins are very beneficial especially for those looking to build or conserve body muscles. However, it’s very important we consume our daily meals in the appropriate nutritional requirements.  The metabolic cookbook would go a long way in giving recipes to fit this diet. It would also help cooks try out new recipes to keep dinner time interesting and fun.

    Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Hi, Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      It is always good to eat plenty of nutrition with the foods we love. This cookbook is very good at providing ideas as well as meals that are good for diets and not dieting. It encourages you to have variety in your meals and not end up with boring cooking.

  5. An educative insight on protein. i have always believed protein was very important for the body and so i eat all lot of proteins from beans,eggs,meat etc. it is inspiring to discover protein has so much benefits. i would like to ask if having a high protein diet can help loss a lot of fat and weight. Also if eating a lot of protein can help in increasing height? Thanks

    1. High protein can help you lose weight in the long run. The more you eat good sized portions, without snaking and high sugar intake, the better. Your body will more likely be able to break down these foods. Unlike excess sugar and carbs that can leave your body storing more fat. As for gaining hight if you have more energy, it can help but mostly practice jumping and stretches. You will notice a difference over a long period of time.

  6. Hello,

    I did not know much about High Protein Diet before reading your article. I liked your post very much and found it important as well as interesting. In your writing, you have provided the the importance, benefits and the mechanism of High Protein Diet. SO, I believe, High Protein Diet is very essential for everyone. Now, I am feeling the need of the book Metabolic Cookbook. Can’t wait to purchase that.

    Thanks a lot for such an important post.


    1. A high protein diet is just as important to everyone as eating veg, fruit and exercise. Just 30 minutes a day can make a big difference in your lifestyle. I for one have enjoyed these healthy eating cookbooks. They not only have appetising recipes, but they are also fun and good for you.

  7. This is so so interesting and educating. Thank you for this lovely article. The truth is, I don’t really love protein in my food because I so much love carbohydrate foods. But reading article has so much given me insight and the of importance of eating high protein in my food. Never knew is aids fat loss, I have always think it increases fat all my life. This is so educating. I’m gonna share this with my mum

    1. Hi,

      I understand some people don’t like or can’t eat protein because of things like PKU. This is where the body has trouble breaking protein down. As long as you have plenty of veg and fruit, you can be sure you will live a more productive life. 

  8. Your post is quite informative. I am not really conscious of my diet. I eat whatever I want because I exercise heavily. At least 3 times a week. However I perceive you are a dietitian. Now do you think I need to be very careful with my diet in order to stay more healthy or I am just good to eat and exercise.?

    1. Hi,

      I am not a dietitian, but I love sharing information I find out to help others become more self-aware. Many of us love our comfort foods. That’s not a bad thing. We just need to make sure we are including things like vegetables and fruit. If you are going to the gym regularly then thats great. It is important to keep hydrated and not just go for a large takeaway afterwards unless your metabolism can handle this. You wouldn’t see so much benefit either if you been working hard at exercising. Eating and exercise is not a bad thing but remember your body will use up a bit of energy while you digest so its best not to eat too much before doing an exercise.

  9. You have a lot of information here about protein that I didn’t know.  The average person’s diet is so far off of the way we should be eating.  I know I don’t get enough protein, so I will definitely be adding more to my diet.  I’ve been trying to cut back on the carbs and sweets so I will be adding that protein. What do you think is the #1 protein we should be eating?Thanks for the information!

    1. Hi,

      I am glad you liked it. I never knew there was so much information about the foods we eat. Most of us just go for the easy stuff. The stuff that we think will make us happy is not always the best. Food can have an effect on our mood too. If you want to add more protein I would say adding more nuts to food like a simple side salad, even currents or fruit will make it more delicious. Failing that if you can’t have nuts try a high protein pancake mix.  It is ready for you to make your pancakes and great if you’re also vegan. High protein mix has an abundance of high in plant-based protein, low in sugar, low GI while delivering sweet, fluffy delicious pancakes every time.

  10. Hi there, thanks for sharing this your article about benefits of protein diet, completing a balanced diet, eating protein is Very essential to the human body in the aspects of u losing more body fat by taking enough protein, protein helps your body to recover easily, we many advantage of protein in the body system which helps human body system, u have really done great job out there 

    1. Thank you for your comment. it can be hard for people to find a good balance of healthy meals. Protein is good for you and can be found in a lot of things we eat. E.g eggs, fibre, a nuts good dose of veg and more. Good meals are a source of more energy and happiness.

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