2 Spiritual Enlightenment Hacks

Did you know that spiritual enlightenment refers to the “full comprehension of a situation? Learn to be free of worries and wallow in pure happiness.
  1. Do I need to meet a buddhist and learn his ways?

    This is a very good question one that is asked many times. You do not need to meet them to learn from them. The English term “enlightenment” has commonly been used to translate several concepts and terms like in Chinese and Japanese, especially bodhi, prajna, kensho, satori and Buddhahood. It is difficult to define what enlightenment means as our brains can’t comprehend it. This is like the word “love” that is used to describe an invisible feeling and to describe love of an ice cream or affection for someone.

    Enlightenment means a lot of things in many religions but the outcome is usually the same it is to feel better and find oneself in happiness.

    Bodhi literally means “awaken” “understanding”. Someone who’s awakened has insight to the workings of the mind. This is what keeps us imprisoned in craving, suffering and rebirth, an awakened has also gained insight into the way that leads to nirvana, the liberation of oneself from this imprisonment. A Buddha understands this and many of the enlightenment terms and will strive to set their mind free.

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  2. How can I be awakened and spiritually enlightened?

    Well first know that they are the same thing. Clear your mind and your heart will follow. Feel, don’t over think and let you breathing slow. Stop rushing and feel your heart. It leads a stressful life, it is continuously pumping blood around your body it’s time to get some rest. Take just half an hour out of a day to sit and listen to your surroundings, it usually helps if you’re outside . If all of our consciousness is made of the same important awareness and light then we all have the potential to not only be a Buddah but meet our inner Buddha.

    It helps to ease our worldly worries and tensions and release the power of our spirit inside, if we are willing to let go. Many do this by praying, fasting, meditating and even chanting. Surround your self in uncomplicated nice spaces like a garden without the clutter of every day life. Do a little everyday and you will have peace of mind and be well on your way to a happier and enlightened you.

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Open your heart find the inner you. Set you mind at ease and focus on your dreams. Once you have a basis to build on the only way is up. To your success and may the heavens guide you safely in what ever you decide to do.