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2 Relaxing, Calm Enya Videos

A girl that really does get you thinking. Be inspired by this wonderful video of Enya and her song Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) and more. Enya creates inspiration out of reality and dreams. It is an atmosphere of grace, colour and warm colours of life. This song is one of my favorites, I would love to one day be able to just pack a bag and sail away just as she has. I like listening to Enya while I study, always got me thinking.
  1. Enya-sail away

    The first time I listen to Enya I nearly cried it was like she fixed something inside me that I broke. She taught me to calm down and relax, she made me happy and I began to listen. There are so many sounds of life we block out and Enya reminds us we are only human. We touch. We feel, we listen and speak, we are all apart of life though we forget ourselves.
  2. Enya – Caribbean Blue

    There are so many colours in the world, this video is by Enya singing Caribbean Blue, I love the sound of the music with the pictures, makes a nice change from the noise life throws at us and the usual rock and roll. It definitely has a flow about it, kind of makes me want to see the Caribbean.
I want to travel and see sites like Enya. It’s much more fun and easier to do this with a team. Together we are strong, together we can travel the world and see it for our own eyes.

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