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2 Interesrting Websites About Blogging Tools

We often forget the tools around us that can help us blog. Not all tools are expensive, some are free. The main one you need is a blogging platform. Once you have chosen yours your 1/3 of the way to becoming a blogger. Next you need some resources and last to make and publish your post. Here are some ideas below.
  1. Finding an interesting topic

    Did you know you don’t have to have Internet for this part. Just a piece of paper and a pen will do. Your blog is all about you. Start by writing down things you love and enjoy. You can gain inspiration from posters, visiting the library or even a friend. Have you seen Google lately?
    Google is full of inspiration, whether you want to talk about cooking, sports, shopping or something else. Google can help you learn more about the subject. If you can, you may want to compare it to you own life experiences and give an example in your blog.Click Here to Learn More About Finding an interesting topic

    item image

  2. Tools & Resources

    Have you heard of Google Drive Research Tool?
    This is a free tool that has just recently been added to Google. This allows searches to be made without ever having to leave your Google drive window. You just click tools and click research.
    Canva is very useful for creating beautiful visual content. Canva offers a huge library of pre-made templates. This makes manipulating while adding your own imagery easier. Also you don’t have to pay anything to use this service if you don’t want to. They provide free graphics you can use.Check out more tools by visiting the link below.Click Here to Learn More About Tools & Resources

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Need a fast and easy to use blogging platform? Then you need Kalatu. No need to worry about coding, word press addons or scripts. Easy set up your blog and choose your own theme. Free training provided if needed. Get set up and start making hundreds of post in the next 15min.

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