2 Great Gorilla Videos

I want to raise more awareness for gorillas as there numbers are falling in the wild. There are so many threats to these wonderful animals and people just don’t know enough about them.

The biggest threats to gorillas are:

  • Mountain gorillas are often the accidental victims of snares set to catch other animals
  • Destruction of their forest and habitats
  • Catching diseases from people entering the forest
  • Poaching of baby gorillas for the illegal pet trade
  • Conflict with people.

Today the magnificent mountain gorilla, is now critically endangered with only around 880 left in the wild.

  1. Apes in all their beauty

    Wild about apes?
    This video shows how calm these gorillas can be as they flourish in such wonderful habitats. How could anyone not like these animals is beyond me. I’m sponsoring Ihoho with the wwf. I hope to help them build a future.
  2. Learn more about our close gorilla relatives

    If you knew more about gorillas and what they are facing would you help them too?

    To think that in so many ways we are alike and yet have grown so very different. Why anyone would want to harm such fluffy cuddly creatures is beyond me. This video is about the WWF- Congo Mountain Gorillas. Conservation helps to protect animals like the gorillas for future generations. Gorillas are found in just two isolated populations – in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda, and the Virunga volcanoes – which span the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).