2 Funniest Cats Videos

Humans like cats? We are funny and just as interesting but are we as cute and soft as these fluffy cats?
  1. Funny Cats Compilation Funny Cat Videos Ever Part 1

    Many of us love cats just as much as the internet. We see cat videos posted here there and everywhere. They are even used to advertise products. Why do we feel the need to talk gooey to these cats?
    Is it because we look at them like fluffy babies and is that why the’r cute?
    The same can be said about many animals. Cats are just one of those daft creatures like us, that maybe we will never fully understand.
  2. New funny cats Vines Compilation 2014

    Do we wish cats were people or just think they are?
    We dress them up because we think its funny but what do these cats think? They scream and act like us at times, though this is their way of communicating with us. Maybe we should listen to them sometimes, but it can be hard to understand what they are saying. When a cat does something, how do we react? Maybe they are doing what they do to get us to react the way we do.