2 Fishy Dream Hacks That Can Help You Open An Aquarium Store

Fish were always my favorite things to look at as a kid. I visited many fish stores and even a couple of aquariums like the one in London and Great Yarmouth. This is always a fun day out. My friend now owns her very own fish tank and maybe one day I will too. The thing is I don’t yet know enough about how to maintain a tank or what you need for fish other than fish food. So I wanted to share some things that I found out.
  1. Cleaning a fish tank

    It is important to separate the fish from the dirt and unhealthy particles in their tank. Placing the fish in a separate container, you can ensure they are safe from harm. It is advised to remove all of the objects and rocks so they can be cleaned separately. You may clean rocks with a flower sieve to wash out the dirt more easily without losing your rocks. You will need to wipe out the fish tank and refill it with the proper chemicals and decorations. Keep a fish tank maintained and you will keep the fish healthy.
    Please note that it is advised to use water at room temperature before adding your fish to it. If the water is far too cold you may shock their fishy selves and that’s not good for them.

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  2. Open your fish dream

    Start a business in colour and with flare. Fish come in a range of shapes and sizes, they have so much colour to show us. Why not open a store and share your love for fish with the world. This does sound daunting but with a little help and guidance from other experienced aquarium and shop owners you will be set for opening your own store. Start small and work your way up to owning one of the biggest aquariums in the world. What a wonderful fishy dream. With a store you can provide care for fish and teach others to do the same in a fun colourful environment.

    Some things you will need other than a business plan and some time and a little cash:
    Location site for aquarium
    A little knowledge on how to maintain water for fish or an adviser
    Another staff member to help you maintain the fish and tanks
    Multiple aquariums and racks
    Filtration system
    Gravel, plastic plants and other tank decor
    Fish food
    Fish supplies for sale to the public

    Read a step guide at: http://www.ehow.com/how_4890906_start-aquarium-store.html

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