2 Best Tips For Social Media

I’m tired of searching the internet looking for a few social media tips about different social media. So i’m sharing a couple of them here so they are in one place.
  1. Pinterest

    This is more of a photo sharing website that you can make comments on. If you the pinterest pin button on your toolbar above, when you visit a website you want to share you click to pin it. This is then shared on your page under a category you make and choose on pinterest. Usually when you click to pin the website, it will show you a series of images from that website and you can choose which one to pin. You can also add a new category to share it under on pinterest.

    I like this because of its ease of use, you can even share and follow other pins on pinterest that interest you. I particularly like the use of photos from websites pinned. This means you get a little preview of the website. This is better than having a long piece of text and a long website link that may be irelivent to the information given. My pinterest so far, can be viewed at: .

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  2. Twitter

    Twitter uses a series of short twees (comments) usually up to 140 characters long. The tweets are done in real time and you can easily follow, share, favorite or retweet comments on your twitter page or other sites by clicking appropriate buttons under a tweet or on the authors page.

    Another thing you can do is send the author (tweeter) a direct message with regard to their post. You can block and report the tweet, or share it using embed post. this is good if you are creating a blog post and need the code of the tweet to copy and paste it into your blog with all its content including its picture and direct link to its location. This allows people to go straight to its source and read more.

    Although I like twitter and am using it (, I’t is all new to me and I generally tend to use my facebook page more as it is linked to my blog ( It also has the ability to create pages, share content with ease and I particularly like the ease of sharing my photos and videos and chatting like to my friends and followers free.

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2 thoughts on “2 Best Tips For Social Media

    1. Im glad you like it. I never heard of pinterest before and though both these social media are not as popular as the well known facebook, they are very useful platforms and cut out a lot of the hassle e.g regular google type adds and game invitations that i dont play. Pinterest and twitter both have good layouts and are very clear.

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